Professional Grill Brush - Cleans BBQ Easily with the Power of Steam

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  • The griller's clean and sterilize their grill easily with a BBQ Steam Brush to prepare healthier and tastier food
  • Natural cleaning done easily with steam, without chemicals, effortlessly removing baked-on food and gunk
  • Ergo easy to grip handle designed to protect hands from the heat - hangs on convenient hanging hook
  • Easy-care dishwasher safe durable stainless steel brush heads built to last, won't damage your porcelain, cast iron and steel grill grates
  • Makes a great Gift

Be the grill master

and clean your grill with the power of steam. This Professional Grill Brush delivers a chemical-free easy clean for any grill type, gas, infrared heat and charcoal. The Professional Grill Brush cleans with the power of steam. Just preheat the grill and let the steam clean and sterilize the grates as you brush, without dousing the coals. Keep it handy with a built-in hook. 

Indispensable grilling tool

The steam brush includes an attached Scraper Brush head for tough-duty scrubbing of anything on the grill from ketchup to barbecue sauce. This Professional Grill Brush is perfect and safe to clean any size or brand porcelain, steel, iron, or ceramic grill. Don’t make your family wait for delicious grilled burgers or hot dogs - have a cleaned BBQ or char griller in no time.

Environmentally safe

Use it on brand name grills from Weber, Brinkmann, Master Forge, Kingsford, Blackston, and Char-Broil without worry. The grill steam brush is environmentally safe for peace of mind for your family and environment. This is an indispensable grilling tool for anyone who wants to eat grilled food that tastes like today, not yesterday.

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